I already have a financial plan!  This program and its contents are under constant development.  Wally Saucedo states it this way: “I am always looking for a better solution for my clients.”  Wally Saucedo is naturally drawn to financial concepts and solutions and has devoted his life to sorting through the array of concepts in the profession.  When was the last time you were approached by a professional who mentioned 1. Life Goals, 2. Personal Finance and 3. Business Finance in the same sentence?  If anything- you get another opinion on your current plan by taking advantage of your RISK-FREE NO-OBLIGATION consultation.

How long will it take?  Some of our most valuable strategies are developed in a matter of hours through Tax Planning & Business Development.  For many people taxes and interest are their biggest expenses and there are strategies for both that are worth millions of dollars in wealth.  You will typically use a one-year period to get started on your journey of Life Long Development and recognize the need for ongoing monitoring through the various Life Stages.  Your financial strategies will vary throughout life stages such as:

Childhood                     College

Career                           Military & Reserves

Couples & Marriage         Parenthood

Home Ownership           Entrepreneurs

Life CrisisSandwich          Generation


I already have an accountant and CPA!  You also have insurance agents, investment advisors and various other advisors available who are all working (in the dark) like the blind men washing the elephant.  One blind man thought the elephant was like a large leaf (the ears) , one blind man thought the elephant was like a snake (the trunk), another blind man thought the elephant was like a tree (the legs) and the final blind man thought the elephant was like a wall (the sides).  All four blind men were right, but none was completely right.  A collaborative approach will help you and your advisors see the complete picture with clarity and objectivity.

Don’t be satisfied with “advisors” who work with your history doing bookkeeping and tax preparation; speed up the picture and take yourself out into the future your really deserve.  Wally Saucedo is an entrepreneur who has undergone extensive training and continuing education in numerous fields of expertise.  Wally Saucedo holds licenses as a California CPA (Certified Public Accountant) (67156), California Life Agent (0760857) & California Real Estate & Mortgage Professional (01364013).  Wally’s continuing education includes Mortgage Planner, College Planner, and Missed Fortune 101 T.E.A.M. (The Equity Alliance Matrix) Member.  Wally Saucedo is uniquely qualified to help you orchestrate the many advisors you will need to achieve high levels of financial and personal success.  You are the Chief Executive Officer of your life and Wally Saucedo is your Chief Financial and Personal Development Officer.  In other words, you are the quarterback with your team and Wally Saucedo is your coach.

I can do it myself!  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants launched its 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy program because Americans have a serious problem; they love money and do not know how to use it wisely.  If you are reading this Special Report then you are looking for a better solution right now, can you afford to waste another decade or two?  New tax laws, more sophisticated investments and evolving financial strategies are enough to overwhelm even the finest financial advisors. I can help you with all of these things.

I am too busy!  Your Free Consultation could be the most valuable time of your whole life!  We are Financial Strategists, we do all the work.  One strategy alone could increase your assets by over $100,000.  Another strategy could decrease your debt by $100,000 or more.  The third strategy could increase your income by $100,000 or more.  The fourth strategy could decrease taxes by $100,000 or more.  One strategy upon another multiplied out over a lifetime is what you will need just to maintain your standard of living, and there are over 50 of these strategies I have ready for you.

When can we get started?  It is recommended you start this process right away because life is certain and life is uncertain.  You certainly can achieve the Life of Your Dreams, opportunity can pass you by and tragedy can strike at any time.  Small shifts in finances now, multiplied out over a lifetime will make a tremendous difference in future monthly income.

How Much Does It Cost?  A very small percentage of the benefit you receive.  Not only does integrated planning pay for its self through decreased taxes, avoiding potential losses, increased income, etc., it allows you to regain your life by developing a plan that sets you free to live the life you love.  Your Lead Advisor will layer strategies in Personal Financial Planning, Professional and Business Planning. Common results include preserving or creating an extra $100,000+ that you would not have otherwise had.  We are strategists who combine reduced taxes, greater rates of growth and legal strategies to keep money in your pocket.  If you could save an extra $100,000 in income taxes, how much is that worth to you?  How much would you pay to put an extra $1,000,000 in the bank?

How are you Compensated?  Advisor compensation types range from 1. free on evaluations and commission based financial solutions 2. professional hourly rates 3. a percent of assets managed and 4. a shareholder stake in a business entity.  For instance, at the highest level of service if you have cash, investments, homes, etc. totaling $1,200,000 the retainer fee is $12,000 for a one-year consulting engagement whereby numerous professionals evaluate your affairs continuously.  The client is best served when their advisor is put on retainer to help with financial management – not just financial planning or giving financial advice.  The retainer arrangement allows you to have your assets, debt, income and expenses managed and communicated to you regularly.  This puts the advisor on the same side of the fence as you.  The advisor has a stake in helping you acquire assets to support your life style.  When compensation is based on the total value of assets, it is in the advisor’s best interest to increase the size of the estate.  Instead of just a commission for a sale, the advisor is paid a fee for service.

Will You Be There For Me When I Need You?

Frankly, as the advisors business grows under the product sales oriented model where the advisor must always be looking for the next sale, the advisor can have trouble paying attention to his very best clients.  The advisor wants to be paid for the service and value he provides, not just, for what he sells today.  When the advisor see’s planning properly, they make better recommendations, attract better clients and never really have to ask for the sale.  At the highest level of advisory, separate fees for planning and management are quite common.  By putting a price tag on the financial planning service, the advisor actually assigns a specific value and the client avoids the old “you get what you pay for”.

Various payment options are available: Credit Card Acceptance, One Time Payment, Initial Retainer with Monthly Payments, retainer with commission offset, etc.