My Wealth Guru Wally Saucedo’s

Abundant Life Strategies

for a

Healthy Wealthy Wise

Body Mind Soul

True Wealth Optimization System

For Balanced Living Through Integrated

Life Values Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Business & Professional Planning

You have untapped wealth and we optimize it!

Wealth comes in many forms in the 7 Key Areas of Life:

1. Familial
2. Financial
3. Intellectual
4. Physical
5. Professional
6. Social
7. Spiritual

My Wealth Guru coaches you on setting and achieving goals in 7 Key Areas of Life using our 7 Step Process:

1. Account for where you have been
2. Account for where you are
3. Account for where you want to be
4. Devise a plan
5. Implement the plan
6. Monitor the results
7. Revise as necessary

We optimize where you have been to get you where you want to be.
Your unique history creates your unique perspective of things.
Become Unique and not a commodity and you can command Premium Fees for your Advice.

Our 52 week program is summarized as follows:

Business & Professional Planning Creates the Money…
Personal Financial Planning Manages the Money…
Life Values Planning Spends the Money…